Brief Overview

The online Donation Form is to be completed by the person or entity requesting that a work of public art be donated to the City of Tucson. The Guidelines reference the City of Tucson’s Administrative Directive #7.01-6, Public Art Gifts, Acquisition and Donations. The purpose of the administrative directive is to develop a protocol for donated and privately funded art projects on public property. The process for accepting donations, temporary works of art, and privately funded projects must adhere to the guidelines.

The City of Tucson will consider accepting donations of artwork into the City’s public art collection and will consider siting privately funded projects on public property. The City will also consider accepting temporary works of art for display in City-owned facilities or on City-owned property. Any and all public art that is accepted into the City’s public art collection or sited on public property outside the Selection Policy described in Section 701-4, regardless of funding source, shall follow this policy.

Before proceeding, please read the full guidelines for this program.

Donations Guidelines

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.