Welcome to the Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona Submittable Portal. This portal allows users to submit Arts Foundation grant applications, public art applications, as well as submissions for special programs and initiatives. 

Before submitting an application through the Arts Foundation Submittable Portal, be sure to read and follow directions published in the program guidelines found for each program on our website at artsfoundtucson.org.

The Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona is the designated arts agency for City of Tucson and Pima County, responsible for providing local arts and cultural development services through direct funding, technical assistance, commissions, and contracts to artists and arts organizations.

Would you like to be on Artistories? 

Artistories is a KXCI mini-program and podcast, hosted by Arts Foundation Board President Eva Karene Romero focused on connecting you to the people creating the arts and culture experience in our region.

The podcast spotlights grantees of the Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona, as well as artists, culture bearers and the greater arts and culture workforce in Southern Arizona from the Gila River to the U.S. Mexico International borderlands. 

How to apply

To express your interest in being featured in Artistories, please complete the simple nomination form below.

More about Artistories

Artistories is a real moment with a real person exploring the story we tell about ourselves, our values as a community, and how they can inspire and guide us. Artistories is a project of The Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona, which is partially funded by the City of Tucson and Pima County and aired through KXCI


a conversation with bites for everyone at the table
a treatise on thriving and surviving creatively in this space
a pushing of the envelope
an archive of our thing
an accounting of our cultural capital
a case for support airport
a sonic picture of our dream in motion

Music: Francesca Bellucci

Logo: Jeremy Thompson

Artistories airs via KXCI:

Monday – 5:55 PM
Tuesday 12:55 PM
Wednesday- 4:55 AM & 9:55 PM
Friday- 11:55 AM
Sunday 5:55 PM

Budget for Artwork: $50,000 and below

Application Deadline: Rolling

Project Description: The Artist Roster for Public Art

The Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona invites all local and out of state artists to apply to be a part of the AFTSA’s Artist Roster for Public Art.

What It Is:The Artist Roster is a standing list of pre-qualified artists that work in public art. It is used as an optional artist selection process for 1 percent for art public art projects with budgets under $50,000. This is a rolling application, allowing artists to join the roster on an ongoing basis.  

When It Is Used:The Artist Roster is an option ONLY for small budget Public Art projects ($50,000 or less). It is an alternative selection process used to expedite low budget projects, and not all projects under $50,000 utilize the list. The City or County has the discretion of using the roster provided it meets the budget criteria.

How It Is Used:The Artist Roster will be reviewed by a project specific 7 member panel comprised of community members, city/county employees, artists, and arts professionals. The panel selects three finalists from the Artist Roster for interviews and presentations after which the artist for the given project is selected. 

How to Apply:

You will be asked to provide up to 10 images of recent work, a CV (resume), and an Artist Bio. Applications are online through the submittable portal only. Applications received via email or mail will not be accepted. Approval for the Artist Roster is done by the AFTSA’s Public Art and Community Design (PACD) Committee on the second Wednesday of every month. The artist will be notified after their application has been reviewed as to whether they have been accepted to the roster. 

Artists approved for addition to the Artist Roster will be on the roster for a term of two years. Four months prior to their two-year term limit, they will be contacted via email to fill out a short form confirming their desire to either remain on the Roster – with the option to update their portfolio – or to remove themselves from the Roster. 

Brief Overview
The online Donation Form is to be completed by the person or entity requesting that a work of public art be donated to the City of Tucson. The Guidelines reference the City of Tucson’s Administrative Directive #7.01-6, Public Art Gifts, Acquisition and Donations. The purpose of the administrative directive is to develop a protocol for donated and privately funded art projects on public property. The process for accepting donations, temporary works of art, and privately funded projects must adhere to the guidelines. The City of Tucson will consider accepting donations of artwork into the City’s public art collection and will consider siting privately funded projects on public property. The City will also consider accepting temporary works of art for display in City-owned facilities or on City-owned property. Each artwork is reviewed by the Public Art Community Design Committee and the city's Risk Manager, and requires approval from the Arts Foundation Board, the appropriate Ward representative, and the City manager. Any and all public art that is accepted into the City’s public art collection or sited on public property outside the Selection Policy described in Section 701-4, regardless of funding source, shall follow this policy. Before proceeding, please read the full guidelines for this program.
Donations Guidelines

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